How to save and bring back information from a table in a database in Python, SQL

I am wondering how to add/save multiple information into a table in a database, making sure that each set of details gets saved on a new line after the previous information. Also, how do I get the information which is saved in the table to show up alphabetically during the running of the program? The program is written in Python however it includes some SQL.

SQL means structured query language, most databases use it.

is it an existing program? Your question is slightly confusing? Python has support for multiply databases (for example sqlite).

SQL also allows for stuff like order_by which allows you to order based on a specific column.

In my program the user will get to input information which will be saved into a table in a database. (The database is created by the program.) They will also enter more information which I would like to be added under the same headings in the table, however my program saves the added information on the next row, adding multiple “NONE”. I don’t know why it is doing this.

A column needs to have data, so if there is no data, the database might save None into the column. This depends on the database you are using (and don’t say SQL), what database are you sing?

What exactly is your question? Its impossible to say what undesired behaviour your code is producing and why, without a copy we can work on