How to run: X-Press Publishing in 2020 [SOLVED]

X-Press Publishing

when you open provided zip file, you realize the files are from far 2017, the main reason that
npm install - fails
because in 2020 most of us are using newer versions of node (my node v. 12.16.3),
and this ol boy runs perfectly on node 9.0.0 from 2017-10-31. so you need to downgrade your node to older version. Thankfully we have nvm tool for easy switch between versions. In terminal run:
wget -qO- | bash
(but as aware user, always examine .sh files before opening them)
now run, to test if the nvm was installed
command -v nvm
#expected output: nvm

if command -v nvm not returning nvm , edit your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc,
by adding next

export NVM_DIR="$HOME/.nvm"
[ -s "$NVM_DIR/" ] && \. "$NVM_DIR/"  # This loads nvm
[ -s "$NVM_DIR/bash_completion" ] && \. "$NVM_DIR/bash_completion"  # This loads nvm bash_completion

that should work, if not I’ll leave the article.

in your IDE, open unzipped folder with project, open terminal IDE and in root type:
node -v
will return your current node version

nvm install 9.0.0
will install node 9.0.0 from 2017-10-31

node -v
now you are on 9.0.0

npm i
now you have all the packets with no no errors this time :slight_smile: & no package.JSON edits


you’ll take it from here :wave:


Hey, thank you for the guide! Before changing the node version, you can have a look at the modules in package.json and change their version-number to the newest version. The main problem with X-Press seems to be Sqlite3.

Downgrading to node v8.11.3 did the trick for me. Thanks for the tip!