How to run test?

Now im in the mocha and chai project and im stuck.
in this project they want us to run tests, the first instruction is to go to root project directory in the termianl and I dont have this “root project directory”, they say that if you dont have the" root project directory" run npm install and then run npm test in my terminal and I dont understand where run this : in the folder or outside.
i realy dont understand how to run the test.


I was briefly confused with that project as well. You should have downloaded the code for the project in a folder labeled project-0-content-creators-start. Open your terminal, use “cd” repeatedly to direct your terminal to that folder. For instance, my project-0-content-creators-start was in another folder called Projects, which I put in Desktop. So I typed: >cd desktop >cd projects >cd project-0-content-creators-start. Then I typed npm install, then npm run test. It should work fine after that. Tl;dr you run both npm install and npm run test INSIDE the folder.

Hi there,

I also have no idea what is going on with the section titled " Running Tests and Interpreting Output with Mocha and Chai"

Everything up until this point has been linear and made sense as a lock-step progression of learning until this section on testing which is not making any sense to me at all.

To run tests for your projects, first open the root project directory in your terminal. If you haven’t already, run npm install to install all necessary testing dependencies. Finally, run npm test in your terminal. This command will run the code in your test script in the package json for your project.

What does that even mean?
What project?- There has not been any instruction as yet to save a project anywhere or even undertake one outwith the confines of the codecademy website.
what is npm test or npm install?- neither of these terms have been described
Json?- what?

Why is this not being explained when I am paying to be taught?

I dont feel like the proceeding two articles including " Reading Tests with Mocha and Chai" (which also seemed to assume a fair amount of knowledge) did anything to prepare you for suddenly asking you to run your own tests.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated