How To Run A SQLite File In VS Code From Bash

How do I run an SQLite File from the bash terminal? I have installed SQLite 3. Also are databases normally created in an .sqlite file? I have seen a thing called .db. What are .db files. Can I create a table in a .db file? How do I import tables from other .sqlite files?

Do you mean running the command line for SQLite? Are you on a Windows machine?

Try here:

I think you need to understand the different layers you are working with first.

A database is storage. To retrieve, store and update the data we need a client. This client can be a simple command prompt, for more complex queries a client like hedisql or mysql workbench are useful. Or a programming languages, and these programming languages often have libraries to help you deal with your database

there are different types/kind of databases, which use different kind of files. .db files are a lot more common for MySQL and postgresSQL.

sqlite uses a different file format. SQLite is not really suitable for large scale application, but mySqlite can run in memory (RAM), which is faster than disk interaction.


No, I mean running a file using bash using sqlite3.

What do you think is the best database software for mobile game development?

Like I said in my answer: the file is just for storage, you don’t just run the file. You can use tools or programming languages to read data from the file/db

doesn’t work like that, there isn’t one holy grail. You need to use the best tool for the jobs, which is depended on a lot of factors