How to Run a .C program in a .html file

So I got a few files.
Containing the following, -Cube.exe

And what I want is a html browser and then the Cube.exe file running and working in my html.
So that every or most of the features work.

Any one that can help me?


detailed explanation right here,


If you’re looking to run an exe file then you’re probably out of luck. It’s not C any more, it’s a windows binary.

If you have the source code and it’s doing only things a browser is capable of, then you can look into emscripten (they used to do that for python and ruby interpreters (which are C programs) here on cc) which compiles into javascript, or chrome’s native client


I’m trying to do something similar. I’m creating a character generator for Dungeons & Dragons and want to put it in a google site. It’s a C file. Any ideas?