How to revisit completed lessons

I am doing the intro to JavaScript program. When I complete a module and move to the next one, there seems to be no way to return to previous modules for review. I do not see a “back” button once I’ve left a module, nor any overall table of contents. Am I missing something?

Hi @method3923596236

In the learning environment, at the top of the screen in the middle you’ll see the name of the course you’re doing - “Introduction to JavaScript”.

If you click that, you’ll go back to the Syllabus page where you can go back into any of the lessons you have previously completed.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


As @thepitycoder said if you click on the course name it will take you to the sections of the course,

But if you want to navigate between the lessons in the section, while you are in the section there’s next-back buttons (at the bottom of the page in the middle) or click on the bottom left side it will show the number and name of the lesson, if you click on it it will expand and show all the lessons in that section