How to retain information better?

hi there i am a 15 year old from singapore currently enrollled into full stack course. The problem is thay whenever i go through a lesson. i will forget the syntax and staff. how can i retain infotmation better?

There’s no one way for everybody. At least for me, I find practicing a good way to help you remember all the syntax. And so you don’t forget previous stuff you can use the Spaced Repetition feature.

One very important thing to note is that you DO NOT need to memorize everything. That’s why MDN web docs, CC docs, and so many other sites exist. The main part of being a programmer is problem-solving and knowing how to fix the problem whether it’s through what you know or googling it.

Oh ok thank you so much. But i mean i am having trouble with some flex box and stuffs about margin
But hopefully i will sort them out by the time i go to college