How to remove all 2 consecutives chars in a string

I have the string s = "Mississipi", and I’d like to remove all 2-consecutives characters in this string so that only "Mpi" is returned. How to do that?

I think a potentially tricky bit to this is related to whether or not strings are mutable (look this up). This leads to a narrower set of logical solutions.

Once you know whether it’s mutable or not, it’s a matter of working out what the logic would be to get "Mpi". Think: how would you tell a stranger what you want without giving them what the final result looks like?


OK. I think I understood what you meant. Actually, I have a string that I want to remove all 2-consecutives characters.
For example, I have a string s = "Mississipi". It should do the following sequences:

"Mississipi" -> "Miiipi" (because the 2 consecutives 'ss' have been removed) -> "Mipi (because the the 2-consecutives 'ii' have been removed)"

So the final result should returned the string "Mipi".

Close, you’re example would be to actually mutate the string (but strings are immutable in python).

So the key point is that the result which you are returning is not the original string with mutations applied recursively (if I’m reading the original prompt correctly, do you have a link for reference?). You basically should look at your initial string, if it has any consecutive characters, those don’t go in your result string.

Example "apple" would return "ale".
“ttxxtt” would return "".
If you have "atta" it should return the single "a".

Thinking about this in sets is useful and may even lead you to find some particular ways to solve it in python (there are a few ways). What does it mean to be in a set? Can a set have repeated instances of one element? etc.

Another edge case is what happens when you have "ttxxxtt", usually either the problem states it somewhere or you have to test for yourself. (Should it return "" or "x"? This will vary on the wording of the problem prompt)


I think I undestood how I should do that. Thanks for your reply

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