How to put python programs online?

I have a few programs on python, and want to feature them on my portfolio website. Ideally users can just click on them and view and use them without having to download anything, so it’s really all from their browser. Currently for simple text-based programs where they only communicate with the command line I’m using Replit, which works wonderfully. But I also have some pygames and use libraries like curses, which I think don’t work well on Replit because they open up a separate window? I’m wondering how to host these things, basically anything with some graphics more than simply text, online. And preferably for free.

You have a few options here, if you haven’t already looked at them:

First and foremost, if your python apps are ready to distribute, you need to get them into a distribution-ready package, preferably a wheel. There are many resources and tutorials on how to do this, but it can be a complicated process and there are many different methods of doing it.

Once your package is ready, you can upload it to PyPI (using your free account) for public release, allowing other people to download them using a package manager like pip. You know how you use pip install to install your various tools? Once you do this step, other people can pip install your app!

From there, you can optionally also package your project as a Windows .exe file, but this is even harder to do and less reliable, but it’s a great way to get your package into a format for non-Python users to access it (many games are built in Python and distributed with this method, so its definitely not an uncommon practice).

After you have your package released, you can use GitHub, or create a portfolio website (making a site is a good free option) to link to your projects, and can provide additional details and instructions there. You can visit mine ( and view my projects page for an idea of how you can do this, although I only have one project released and its still in alpha.