How to put PHP course in spanish. COmo poner curso de PHP en español?


Hí, i selected spanish language por my profile; but its weird, i have some parts of the web in spanish and some in english.
im doing the PHP course; The buttons “Save and send my code” are in spanish; but all the explanation of the exercise is always in english.
I restarted againg it in spanish but its only in spanish until exercise 13 of first chapter; then it turns back to english again


Hey, i don’t know how going that, but i have a link for the PHP spanish course, this Sorry for my bad English, i speak spanish :slight_smile:


Desde la ultima actualización de la página hace meses, hay problemas en la versión en español. Hace meses que nadie lo arregla, yo tenia un progreso avanzado y se reinició todo.