How to put nav links in center of container

I tried to use align-items but nothing changed. please help.

Hi @botosaui
I’m not sure which behaviour you expected.
align-items is used to align items vertically. I assume the text of your list-items fits in the same line, which means that your items have the same height. Then the default stretch and center will be the same.

hopefully this pic helps. if not aligln items to center vertically then what should i use?

If you add border: 1px dashed red; to .nav-links, you’ll probably see that the element is not larger than than the links. The background-color is set to the header element, which isn’t a flex-container. If you want your item to be in the center of your header, you have to set .nav-links to the same height as the header.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! lol i completely missed that! man! i forgot that elements = divs if you can believe that. thank you.