How to purchase PRO subscription

How to purchase PRO subscription ?
Please tell all details.
Also i want to ask about the certificate . Mean to say, will you give certificate for completion of any course . Can be it used in educational forums etc.

You can go to this page:

then everything should be self explaining?

At the moment, there are no certificates. Codecademy would like to have certificates, but these certificates then need to hold value. Given a lot of the answers can be found on the internet, how does one prove the answers where not just copy pasted?

you can use the knowledge you gained to build your own projects, to show of your skill on educational forums :slight_smile:

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When will the certificates available ?

I am not satisfied . I was here so that i can complete my web develpoment course and get a certificate ; which can be used in educational forms. :frowning_face:

When certificates will be announced.

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