How to publish your own content


This course is great and all, but I would like to publish my own content. It says it's possible, but I can't figure out how exactly. :neutral_face:

Do you still need to create a Jekyll or not? How can you upload your code then? Or is there anything else I've missed? :confused:

Thanks for help :slight_smile:


that depends, do you have a ruby app? Then yes, but you could also look at heroku, which i personally find easier.

If you just have static pages and content, it is even simpler (free domain, or github static pages)


I don't have a ruby app. For beginning, I just want to make simple static website with only html and css included.


check the tips and resource section on the forum, it contains a lot of useful information about hosting/hosting static pages on github :slight_smile:


github has "pages" for users and for projects, they show how to do both here:
If the content to serve isn't related to a project or a user account then that way of hosting is a little odd but there's nothing really stopping you, particularly not if it's for experimentation purposes


or you can use freedom and gt a free domain


Thanks for all your replies!!!


if you need further help, let us know. Or show us if you manage to get it online :slight_smile:


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