How to print Set name

I’m currently taking a cource project Swift Sets School Roster

In paragrath #6 Class size, you need to print information about the number of classes that have 7 or more students.

var spanish101: Set = ["Angela", "Declan", "Aldany", "Alex", "Sonny", "Alif", "Skyla"]
var german101: Set = ["Angela", "Alex", "Declan", "Kenny", "Cynara", "Adam"]
var advancedCalculus: Set = ["Cynara", "Gabby", "Angela", "Samantha", "Ana", "Aldany", "Galina", "Jasmine"]
var artHistory: Set = ["Samantha", "Vanessa", "Aldrian", "Cynara", "Kenny", "Declan", "Skyla"]
var englishLiterature: Set = ["Gabby", "Jasmine", "Alex", "Alif", "Aldrian", "Adam", "Angela"]
var computerScience: Set = ["Galina", "Kenny", "Sonny", "Alex", "Skyla"]

var classes: Set = [spanish101, german101, advancedCalculus, artHistory, englishLiterature, computerScience] 

var sevenPlus = 0

for aClass in classes {
  if aClass.count >= 7 {
    sevenPlus += 1


// Prints: 4

But I’m want to print code with Set names like this

// Prints: Сlasses with more than 7 students:
// Prints: spanish101, advancedCalculus, artHistory, englishLiterature
// Prints: Total classes: 4

Meaning so that not just the number, but also the name of the class in which there are more than seven students

I know you’re learning about sets but hashmap/dictionaries are more likely the useful structure with this kind of pattern (where you want a key: value).

Additionally, there’s the issue of performance w/ sets vs dictionaries (which will be dependent on your data and what you hope to do with it). A good reason to use a set is when your data benefits from using the specific set methods (like union). Sometimes certain implementations will make the rest of the differences negligible (sometimes not).

Some extra reading: performance - Can Set be faster than Hashtable? - Stack Overflow