How to print my new csv file i created

dear all

i want to know how to print my new csv object log_writer of below code :

access_log = [{‘time’: ‘08:39:37’, ‘limit’: 844404, ‘address’: ‘’}, {‘time’: ‘13:13:35’, ‘limit’: 543871, ‘address’: ‘’}, {‘time’: ‘19:40:45’, ‘limit’: 3021, ‘address’: ‘’}, {‘time’: ‘18:57:16’, ‘limit’: 67031769, ‘address’: ‘’}, {‘time’: ‘21:17:13’, ‘limit’: 9083, ‘address’: ‘’}, {‘time’: ‘23:34:17’, ‘limit’: 65913, ‘address’: ‘’}, {‘time’: ‘13:58:05’, ‘limit’: 1541474, ‘address’: ‘’}, {‘time’: ‘10:52:00’, ‘limit’: 11465607, ‘address’: ‘’}, {‘time’: ‘14:56:12’, ‘limit’: 109, ‘address’: ‘’}, {‘time’: ‘18:56:35’, ‘limit’: 6207, ‘address’: ‘’}]
fields = [‘time’, ‘address’, ‘limit’]

import csv
with open(‘logger.csv’,‘w’) as logger_csv:
for log in access_log:


The following code would allow you to read and print the CSV file you created:

with open('logger.csv','r') as logger_csv: #Make sure to set it to 'read' by passing 'r' as an argument
  csv_reader = csv.reader(logger_csv, delimiter=',')
  for line in csv_reader:

This will print a list of strings for each line in the CSV, if you only want a specific column then you should do this via it’s index.

Happy coding!