How to preview your website's index file from visual studio

you know when you start a core project on visual studio? it starts a new folder in your source folder called webapplication1 that has >bin >obj >Pages >Properties >wwwroot and other files in the folder? Well, i checked the pages folder and tried to open the index file in a browser but it just shows all the code. how do i get the page to show a preview in a browser?

It will need to have an extension the OS will recognize as a browser page, such as .html or .htm. If you navigate to the folder and locate the index.html page, just click on it and the file will open in the default browser.

it doesn’t look like it has a .html extension which is why i got stuck.

but it turns out i can hit ctrl + f5 and get a preview of the page in vstudio. someone helped me out already.

In your OS settings be sure that extensions are not hidden in Explorer.