How to practice code

Hi, does anyone know a good place where I can practice code? The codeacademy is great as a place to learn code but I find it doesn’t give you enough practice to internalize the code as I’m looking for a place where I can practice the stuff, do it over and over again. Does anyone know the best place to do this?

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depends on the language, repl has nearly all language codeademy teaches

codepen allows babel, which means you can reactJS (html, css and js as well), then there are plenty of other sites (jsbin, jsfiddle) where you can practice

but, ideally you install the language on your computer, and a text-editor (like atom) so you can set up your own development enviroment

sites like repl, jsbin, codepen are fun for small projects and easier to get going, but you should really install the programming language on your computer.

if you want html and css, no installation
if you want JS in combination with html and css, no installation needed (all integrated in any webbrowser)
if you want to run JS code directly on your computer, install nodeJS
for python, go to the python website (link)
for ruby, go to the ruby website (link)


I agree with stetim94 but would add what seems to work really well for myself (and others).

Find a way to apply whatever you are learning to a project you are building.

Example: When I was going through the JavaScript course from Codecademy I realized that I could take the lesson about making a div disappear and turn it into a game. I put this game on my website as a surprise for my girlfriend to play with. If you want to you can check it out here. Although it’s a simple application of what I learned in those lessons, her and I enjoy the game and it’s online to share!

If you want to get up and running practicing asap I would recommend you get the following:

  1. A programming-oriented text editor you are comfortable with.
    • I’d recommend Sublime Text or Notepad++
  2. An IDE you like the looks of.
    • My personal preference is NetBeans, Visual Studio, Eclipse in that order


I’ve tried Atom, Vim, Notepad++, Sublime Text, and many other text editors for programming (including just using notepad on windows and TextEdit on mac). When it came down to choosing ones to run with, Sublime Text was just really nice on my Mac (and Notepad++ on my Win computer).

Many might argue to just use a programming-oriented text editor and don’t worry about an IDE (integrated development environment) but I disagree. Visual Studio was the first IDE that made debugging fun and easy for me back in the early 2000s. Then I got a Mac (along with my Windows machine) and tried out a couple IDEs (Eclipse, Bluefish, Xcode to name a few) but when I came across NetBeans I fell in love. Setting it up with various languages, connecting it to MySQL and XDebug, and working with and debugging projects has been convenient and fun!


Having trouble coming up with a project? Either download or otherwise copy a website you like and then try to rebuild the whole thing. For a challenge, try to build it yourself from scratch.


Want a project for other languages?

  • Annoyed with something on your Mac: AppleScript or Bash scripting
  • Want to streamline large or repetitive Excel things? Visual Basic
  • Have a data analysis/visualization problem? Python or R
  • Other computational or data processing problem and you have access to Matlab? Matlab

I haven’t played with python or R as much as the others but basically I have taught myself to code by creating a solution to an annoyance or problem I come across. Matlab helped me analyze and process large data sets in my graduate program, while Visual Basic helped me convert those data sets into excel files and conveniently combine them.

Regardless, you have started your Adventure!
Good Luck!


As asked ?? you need to first confirm on the language or programming learning and one one more if you are really interested in some serious learning stuff you should go for online training services as they provide some real time access to servers and they do charge for that. Full stack - ReactJS, Mean Stack, would be the best choice for coding if you are interested as you can go with web site building.

I hope that you deserve some space where you can seriously practice the stuff you need and it could be done only if you get into practice in real-time scenarios as they will be helpful in the interview point of view for you and career guidance too.

Try to get into deeper way of analysis.

Well, question in very old but still looking useful for lots of individuals who is looking a great place to practicing code, first I want to tell you that itself is a enough platform for practice code and if you also looking for some extra platform you can check Github once.