How to post questions

How to post questions?

You just posted one, and a good one, at that. Whether it is in the correct category or not can be sorted out by Community Managers, but it is very much where to start. Ask your question in a New post, hopefully in the category that relates to the given course module.

That aside, learn how to use the tools in the tool tray above the post editor. If you are posting a code sample, click the </> button and paste in your code. Be sure to include a link to the lesson/exercise you are presently on so we can all get our bearings and read the narrative, try our own solutions, and so on.

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Additionally, here’s a handy guide:

Do format your code before posting.

  • Do use the search function to find similar questions before posting a new topic.
  • Do make sure you post your question in the right category.
  • Do make sure you include the instructions, error, and link to the exercise you are stuck on in your post.
  • Do make sure you put the exercise number in the post title.
  • Do ask for help if you need it!

✘ Don’t ask for help on an exercise without posting code, or before searching for similar questions.

  • Don’t post your question more than once
  • Don’t start debates.
  • Don’t advertise. Not for services, nor other groups or communities.
  • Don’t post external links non-code related.
  • Don’t ask Codecademy community members to complete surveys or share data that you intend to use for profit.
  • Don’t post full working code without explanation.
  • Don’t give out personal details.
  • Don’t use bad language - Keep it PG here, please.

Thanks i finding this topic to learn this

hi . I wanted to post a question but didnt found how to do this. so i post it here. there is a bug in Command Line Lessons.

in directory :

in exercises 3 use > to redirect the contents of oceans.txt to continents.txt .

i accidentally did vise verce like this cat continents.txt > oceans.txt

after this in exercises 4. it says :

Use cat to view the contents of continents.txt again.

You should now see oceans as output. If this is not the case, double-check the redirect command. Feel free to reset the exercise and try again.

because of mistake when I execute cat continents.txt its output still continents. and there is no reset button for this exercises . because of it i cant pass the correct answer. so i am stuck in this section. i cant move to the next section .

There’s no bug. But you didn’t post your code, so we don’t know what you input in the lesson.

Anyway, to reset the exercise, you have to go under: Get unstuck> reset exercise.

This question would go in its own topic with the appropriate tags. Though, a cursory search might bring up a similar post to resolve your issue.