How to 'post' data from database

I want to post data like when you’re blogging, you’re posting your content. What would it require? and what is a keyword to search the tutorial on google, because english isnt my native lang.

well, this would require a database to store your blogs. To get the link between website (front-end, what the user sees) and the database you need a back-end language, for which several languages and frameworks are available.

Which languages do you know?


i already save the data into my database, but i’m confuse on how to “post” it

You are going to have to be a bit more specific, so you have a database? Which one? there are several How is the database configured? What services and so on are you using?

What languages and so on are you using?

What back-end language is used? Or did you use SQL directly to store data in the database?


Ok, I’m using MySQL for database, back-end: PHP, javascript, jquery.

javascript and jquery are front-end, unless you use nodeJS

PHP is good, how did you install PHP? What software did you use? Did you install something on your computer? If so, what OS?

Or did you find a free server somewhere?


Oh oke sorry, I just use XAMPP

Good, this means you can use PHP to store and retrieve data from the database, so this is what you should google for.


oke thank you so much