How to paste output from terminal and keep formatting?

Whenever I try to copy and paste my output it doesn’t keep the bold and underline formatting I put on some of my words? I’m using Visual Studio Code.

Have you tried formatting it with the correct formatting (three back ticks)? If so, what does it look like when you just copy/paste it directly into the forums? I’m curious as well, now!

Here is a snippet of my code output!

El perro es negro.
The dog is black.

See the word negro?
In my terminal it outputs as bold underlined text. But as you can see, it didn’t keep that.
And it’s happening everywhere.

I’ve seen solutions to redirect stdout, but they only keep what I wrote, and not the output.

Hmm. What happens if you just copy/past directly into the forums without formatting?

Broncearse / Ponerse moreno
To turn brown

Same thing. :confused:

Oh. You could add the formatting yourself after that, but that isn’t what you mean. I’m sure, sorry! Screenshots would also work, but they’re not the same thing.

Yeah… any solution how to fix this? It’s probably related to the fact that I added ANSI? ('\033[4m') things like that to my code.

Sorry-I’m not sure I know anything else.

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