How to open links as a new window with the target attribute in modern browsers?

Hello, I’m a returning user after a couple years of absence and tackling the html Elements & Structure course. In the Opening links in a new window class, it’s mentioned and I quote:

In this exercise, we’ve used the terminology “open in a new window.” It’s likely that you are using a modern browser that opens up websites in new tabs , rather than new windows. Before the advent of browsers with tabs, additional browser windows had to be opened to view more websites. The target="_blank" attribute, when used in modern browsers, will open new websites in a new tab.

But it’s never actually mentioned what to do if you do want to open new links as new windows, at least from what I saw. Just a little question I had, thanks for the help!

Hi. You would do this with inline script:

<a href="" onclick="'', 'newwindow', 'width=400, height=250'); return false;">Link to a new window</a>
<a href="#" target="_blank">new target</a>