How to open html page on my computer?

how to open html page on my computer?

Hey @ericfranck!

If you’ve already added the basic html file body, then this is what should happen:

First, go to the directory with the HTML file you want to open

Here I’m going to open up the file index.html

Then, click on the file once, and then right click on it. After doing that, click “Open with” and then click the browser you want to open it with

I use the web browser “Brave”, so I would click that option

After click that, a new browser window should open which looks something like this

I already added the basic HTML format and an <h1> that says “Hello World!”

Hope this answers your question!


thank you so much
that my first session or my first day to taking a class .
any help would be welcome , i really want to learn.


Welcome to the forums! If you have any other question, be sure to come back!

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little stranger world for me but i dont have choice… but i choice that like my finally destination learning world.
where did you think i should start?
thank you in advance


I would definitely recommend the Introduction to HTML and Learn CSS as a good place to start. You should always start out with a strong base so you can make sure to know what you’re doing. Once you’ve mastered the basics of both those courses, you can move on to more advanced languages such as JavaScript and Python.


thank you again
those two course can take me one week to mastered that?


Oh yeah, definitely! Perhaps less if you work on it a lot.


Both of the basics combined is pratically this course also.