How to open file after installation using command line?

Hey there,
I just installed Miniconda in my MacOs system. After installation, I tried the commands ‘Open Python 3’ and ‘Open Miniconda3’. The latter opens the folder called Miniconda3.

I am confused that where is the actual software in which I am supposed to code.

To write a python program you would create a text file using whatever text editor you prefer, then you’d execute python with the path to your file as an argument

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If you installed miniconda on your Mac then it should already be integrated into your terminal. Open a terminal window and type conda list and it should show which programs are installed in your base environment.

If you want to type and run python directly in the terminal just use the command python3.

Or if you want to write a program, you would do so as ionatan suggested, using your preferred text editor and then executing it from the terminal.

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