How to open biology.txt in the code editor?

On step 4 it says “On your branch, open biology.txt in the code editor”. I’ve no idea how to do this and I know it must be incredibly simple. Any clues?

You’re basically given a unix shell in the user window. Use ls to examine the files and directories in there. I haven’t looked at the Git section for some time, but it’s not for someone who doesn’t know how to use Unix. You need to understand shell commands. If you’re just trying out this course because you’re curious and really don’t know Unix, look up shell commands on the web. If it bangs you out, you can simply restart it.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I know some basics in Unix and have been able to open the file using “vim file.txt” type command but that opens the file in the command line not the ‘code editor’ (center window). I can edit the file in the command line and progress but it’s not exactly what the task is asking for.

Yeah, I remember now, there’s another code editor that this course uses. You can find that name at the beginning of the course. So you use it similar to using vi to edit a file.

Ah ok, I must have missed that instruction along the line somewhere. Cheers.

the other text-editor you look for is nano, you can run: nano biology.txt

I am sure nano came along in this course earlier somewhere

You can use vim, but i think you experienced it is tricky. (the learning curve is really steep, but so worth it)