How to open bash/the terminal in the C++ workspace

I would like to know how to use bash in the C++ terminal when I am experimenting with code.

There’s a command line course on codecademy based on using a *nix command line (bash and various GNU tools). There are also various guides and courses for the same elsewhere if you search around.

For CC’s own workspace I don’t think they provide direct access to a terminal, you might want to consider setting something up locally in that case.

but is it possible. like what do you do to use the compiler in a workspace what is the most general answer

Of the languages they have available it seems to build against a specific file automatically and you just click save/run like the lessons; I haven’t seen any provision to open a proper terminal window. If you want full access to a shell for compiler flags etc. then you’d probably want to use a different online IDE or just work locally.

You could check with cc themselves if you like but I just don’t think they offer what you’re looking for at this time.

how come it only works in the lesson but not in the workspace

I don’t work for cc, I’m afraid there’s nothing more I can add from the previous message.