How to not get bored with Data Cleaning?

Similar to this topic but more specific. How do you not get bored with cleaning and collecting data? This is my biggest psychological obstacle/blocker in Data Science right now. I have already cleaned data for several projects in codecademy and out of codecademy now, and the reward is at the end once the cleaning is done, but now it hits me that its always gonna be like this, always gonna have this slog to get through… Do the top data scientists in the world more often than not always pay other people or have junior devs under them just to clean the code? How do we accept this reality and get ourselves through this every single time?
It seems majority of data scientists dont enjoy majority of what they spend their time doing so how do we make this job feel good? And how do these people, which I plan to be one of, force themselves?

Good topic! :woman_technologist:t2:

For me, I don’t get bored. I look at it as part of the whole discovery process. I feel like a detective of sorts–Law & Order: Data Analytics & Science! :female_detective:
dun dun! (for the L&O fans out there. haha )

Sure, I get annoyed when I get messy data or data that’s not optimally organized because I envision the layout of it differently than the condition that I get it in—but, like you and others have said, it’s a reality that we accept. Maybe I’m odd, but I like the challenge it presents because it gives us ideas on how to improve other processes (collection of the data for example) and to improve our own skillset. We can vent to each other about it, write articles about some insights we have gleaned, etc. But we can also shift our perspectives about it and not look at it as something that’s boring…or else we will drive ourselves nuts.
I like what’s said in this article. Maybe you’ve seen it?

The article is a great piece which highlights considerations regarding data collection and validation. What’s cool about it is it goes so far as to point out that there are even actual practical reasons as to why data can’t be clean.

I am struggling with the acceptance