How to not forget learned programming languages?

I’ve always been curious about everything related to computer. I learned lot of things during these years.

Recently, I start coding, following codecademy courses, wich is very good to know foundations of each langage.

I started, 7 days ago, and I finished bash/sell, SQL and currently learning Javascript.

I love learning about coding, and I regret that I not started before.

But, I just notice, that more I learn about javascript, more I forgot about other languages.

How can I remedy it ? I know bash/shell is not that complicated but I ask before I’m going to learn an other language when I’ll finish JS.

Do I must practice more each of these three langage after learning JS for getting their synthaxe automatic for me ? (and then learning an other langage)
Do I must just continuing learning languages , and then practicing language that I have prefered at the end ?

I don’t write very well in english, sorry if ther are languages errors !

Thank you in advance !

Hello! I would practise each language, either by creating your own project, or doing other projects. If you want to find ready-made projects, a website I like to sometimes use is codewars. It gives you lots of different challenges.

Don’t worry about memorising syntax-everyone has to Google things. Just try to remember key details of the language, like what each one does, whether you need to import a module for doing Math.ceil(), etc

I hope this helps!

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Thanks you very much for your answer. You’re right. I will practise thse languages !
Didn’t know codewars (I was asking my self if a website can give us somes projects, that’s perfect !).

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