How to make this 8. Alter work?


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UPDATE celebs
SET twitter_handle = ‘@taylorswift13
WHERE id = 4;

SELECT * FROM celebs;
DELETE FROM celebs WHERE twitter_handle IS NULL;

When I run this code, nothing happens…

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What are the instructions? Can you make a screenshot please?

I also tried removing following line
DELETE FROM celebs WHERE twitter_handle IS NULL;

and exchnaged it with following:

Delete from celebs where twitter_handle =’ ';

without giving the expected action.

Maybe it wants you to go to the next line… like:

WHERE twitter_handle IS NULL;

I tried that too, but got the same error. nothing happens.

Insert the Delete command line on line 4, in between the first set of commands and the last one.

  1. UPDATE celebs
  2. SET twitter_handle = ‘@taylorswift13
  3. WHERE id = 4;
  4. DELETE FROM celebs WHERE twitter_handle IS NULL;
  5. SELECT * FROM celebs;
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I managed to get task 1 correct but I cant seem to figure out task 2, which is circled with yellow.

Now just move the “SELECT * FROM celebs;” down to line 5 and insert “DELETE FROM celebs WHERE twitter_handle IS NULL;” onto line 4 and then run the whole batch.

The instruction is to type the command above the select


LOL* thanks stupid me :stuck_out_tongue:

normally it should read just the last line but i think here it restart to read all the command from the top that’s why nothing has change…

Lol… It is not your fault… :smile:

Thnak you for your help. :slight_smile:

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Thanks I ran into the same problem.

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