How to make text italics?

i heard of code to make text bold or underlined, but is there code to make text italics?

here’s the code that i saw

    class color:
       PURPLE = '\033[95m'
       CYAN = '\033[96m'
       DARKCYAN = '\033[36m'
       BLUE = '\033[94m'
       GREEN = '\033[92m'
       YELLOW = '\033[93m'
       RED = '\033[91m'
       BOLD = '\033[1m'
       UNDERLINE = '\033[4m'
       END = '\033[0m'

    print color.BOLD + 'Hello World !' + color.END



bold <strong> this is a bold word </strong> this is a bold word
underline <u> this is underlined </u> this is underlined
italics <em> this is italic </em> this is italic

@johnhon I am sorry I only saw now you had it under python sectiion