How to make smaller image



Hello, I have a problem. I wrote url in index.html and my image is taking a lot of space and text is really small now. How to change that in index.html?
Thank you


You can use the style attribute:

<img src="#" style="width: 100px">

px (which stands for pixels is a unit of measurement just like inches/centimeters) You can change the value if you want the image smaller/bigger (50px, 150px or even more/less)

If you have multiply images, it might be easier to add this:

img { width: 100px }

inside your <head></head> tags. This will make all images 100px in width. All this will be explained later.


Is something wrong with the lesson?


there is nothing wrong with the lesson, please elaborate your question. Preferable make a new topic


If you've tried to change the px I don't have any idea besides a bug in the lesson.


The original poster never said they'd tried anything, so there's nothing to say that there's a problem with the lesson. Please make a new topic if you want to discuss this further, thanks.