How to make multiline comments, and autocompletion of quotes

How can write multi line comments?
Is that I should use # at start of every line like,
#hey your are doing good
#kick start your progress”


Hey @methodwhiz28097
Multi line comments are written like this:


Hope that helps!


Thanks @stevencopeland
But could not type triple quotes in the coding area. When pasted yours it worked.

woah that’s weird. Can you send me the link to the exercise?

comments exercise

Its either two quotes or 6 quotes are entering…


Snap, I’m not a pro user. Idk what the problem is…

Anyways thanks for quick response @stevencopeland :grinning:


np sorry I couldn’t help more

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Quotes (single or double) are handled by the editor just like parentheses: When you type in one single or double quote, the editor types in the second, and places the cursor between them so that you can begin typing your quoted material. If you type three, the editor assumes that you intend to triple-quote, and so puts in all six, again with the cursor in the middle.


I see, so in ide or editors they auto-completes. Thanks @patrickd314

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Kind of disagree, triple is string literal, So in essence a no opt execution context. Null, Nill, Notta, Nuttin.

#this is so fun once you get the hang of it and know what your doing u will have alot of fun

hi there - how does Python distinguish between code and comment? I guess what I am really asking is how many characters can you have after the # before it starts interpreting as code again? Thanks!

You probably have used space between triple quotes. I tried and failed as well. But when I omitted the blank spaces it worked!

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