How to make menu hyper links permanent?

I have created a menu with 37 hyper links and 37 in page targets. Whenever I edit the page the hyper links are broken and no longer function. Here is one of the hyper links.

- &nbsp;<a href="#beekeepingbooks">Beekeeping Books</a><br />

Here is the page target link.

<a href="" name="beekeepingbooks">Beekeeping Books</a>

When I edit the page in anyway either google inserts a google sign in website address after a href or they remove part of the target link. In either case the links no longer function. Is there a way to make the links permanent?

I could be wrong but in your second anchor link name=“beekeepingbooks” should be id=“beekeepingbooks”.

Mainly the reason is because when you use the ‘#’ you’re referencing an ID tag (just like with CSS), as opposed to a class tag.

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Yes @toastedpitabread, you’re definitely right.

<a href="" id="beekeepingbooks">Beekeeping Books</a>

It should be declared like this. When you @web9677141919 want to create a link on the same web page then you’ve to use the “id” tag.

Where you want to create the hyperlink then you’ should be written like this way:

- &nbsp;<a href="#beekeepingbooks">Beekeeping Books</a><br />

Now, I hope it’ll work.

And if you want to use hyperlink on any other file( it can be anything like image, CSS, Js, etc.) but in the same server then you’ve to declare it like this…

- &nbsp;<a href="./folder_name">Beekeeping Books</a><br />

And keep in mind that at this point you’ve to use “./” to referencing the file on the same server.

I think you can use “width” property in CSS in place of “&nbsp” for the particular section in which you’re specifying this and it would be better than that I think.

Thanks very much for your response. Just to clarify the menu link remains the same but the target link is changed to
Beekeeping Books

yea so it should read like this (just taking what you wrote)

- &nbsp;<a href="#beekeepingbooks">Beekeeping Books</a><br />
<a href="" id="beekeepingbooks">Beekeeping Books</a>

and here’s some documentation for further reading:

Thank you very much. I will apply the correction.

Unfortunately that did not work.

Can you post a link or example code?