How to make Jumbotron with continuously changing images?


I am up to ex.11 and I want to create a Jumbotron with a function ,like gif.

So can anyone please offer me some good advice? : )


take a look at this guide. Depending on what you want, you might want to google: jquery image carousel or bootstrap image carousel

It seems you can play gif with the html5 video tag, so you can just check MDN - video


Thank you very much.

Actually,I have another question,it is about finding the high quality picture on google images.I have been finding suitable images for hours,however ,all of those pictures are not able to display with high 'resolution'.Then I try to put my own image on the website,but I canno do that,so do you know how to do it with macbook air( os X system)? XD Thanks for your patient.


most picture are compressed, so they load faster, it is very unlikely you will find a high resolution image. You need an upload source which doesn't compress

If you want to use image inside the lesson, you will need to upload them


Thank you very much ,it is helpful