How to make "famous monsters by birth year" red while having the colspan

I need help making “famous monsters by birth year” read because i don’t know where to put the style attribute

Oops, try again. Add a ‘style’ attribute to the first

tag! Set the value of this attribute to ‘color:red;’

Replace this line with your code. 

style and colspan are both attributes, so are src and alt, look how i can add multiply attributes to one element:

<img src="alt" alt="my_image">

You will have to start your th tag with a <th style="…"and add the color. Then start your colspan tag!
Its confusing because you can add more then one style with a semicolon, but you need opening and closing tags to add more then one tags.
example below for lesson 9 on HTML basics lll
TAGth style="color: red"TAGTAGcolspan="2"TAGFamous Monsters by Birth YearTAG/thTAG
**had to put “TAG” because it wouldnt show the code

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