How to make changes on a website already published?

Hello everyone ! can somebody please help me ? so my question is : after created and published a website on the internet , and if I wanna edit my website, how will I do ? :thinking:

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You absolutely can yes but how exactly to depends on what you are using to deploy your site, for GitHub pages as an example it’s as simple as adding the new code to the repository while other deployment tools will vary.

What are you/would you be using?

thanks for replying, I created my website in HTML, CSS,ETC.( not with online softwares)

Yes but to actually publish the website onto the internet and make it accessable to anyone you would have to use a deployment tool, something like GitHub Pages, Netlify, Heroku or Vercel are some good examples.

Once the site is published via one of those, how you actually change it varies on the tool you used, each platform will slightly vary in how you create a new deployment to change the already published site. That said, pretty much all deployment platforms support intergration with a GitHub repository, this means that every time the code in the repository changes, the site would be updated to reflect that.

That’s probably the best way of updating an already published site in my opinion :smile:.

I almost understand everything, but can you just tell me what the repository is and what it contents ? :pray:

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I may be misunderstanding the orignal question (in which case my bad :slightly_smiling_face:!) so just to clarify are you trying to make edits to a site you’ve already published or are you looking to publish a site and wondering whether you can edit it later on?

In regards to a repository it’s a container for storing code that (usually) uses Git (which is a peice of software used to track changes in code over time) to manage different versions of code and edits to that code. The most common provider for that is and it’s a pretty industry standard tool but it’s definately not the only one and there are alternatives.

While version control software like Git and GitHub are very useful and they are something I would fairly strongly recommend learning, if it’s not something you are familiar with you don’t have to use them, and most deployment tools allow you to update code directly (although this would require you to manually upload new code every time you wanted to change the site).

there you go ! :slightly_smiling_face: I’m looking to publish a site and wondering whether I can edit it later

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Oh yeah you definately can :100:. The way I would personally do it is to use GitHub pages. You can create an account on GitHub (if you haven’t already), create a repository and upload all your code to it. There is a tab at the bottom of the repository settings page that you can use to enable GitHub pages and publish the code. Any time you wanted to edit the website you can change the code in the repository and the page will automatically update. That’s a pretty brief whistle-stop tour through it but there’s a whole load of very detailed tutorials out on the internet if you wanted to go down that route :slightly_smiling_face:.

Of course that’s not the only option and there’s quite a few others out there, I’d recommend researching around a little bit to consider your options (but GitHub pages is by far one of the easiest to get set up imo, and would also be a great opportunity to dive into Git/GH a little!)

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thank you, is GitHub free ?

Yup! They do have the option for paid plans but they are aimed primarily at organisations and the free tier is more than enough for any individual developer.

that helps me too much, I’ve one more question: how can I add payment methods on my website ? :thinking:

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No problem, glad I could help :smile:!

Adding payment isn’t something I’m familar with but I would assume it depends on what method you wanted to use to receive payment, if you wanted to use PayPal for example they have an article detailing setup:

thank you very much Mr Problem Solver :grinning:

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urgent! :exclamation: can you tell me how to know my wesite link in Github ? I created a repository and uploaded files but I don’t know how to enter on my website

Can you share a link to the repository?

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is that necessary ? I created a simple website to know if everything will be okay, I did set my repository to private

It would help for me to see what the issue is if you wouldn’t mind yes. Although I would note the using GitHub Pages requires the repository to be public.

If you want to publish it via GH Pages you’ll have to make the repository public (at the bottom of the main repo settings page), and then enable Pages through the “pages” tab at the very bottom of the repo settings sidebar.

Cool, thanks!

If you’ll excuse the badly written numbers here’s a screenshot detailing the required steps:

  1. Go to your repo settings page.
  2. Open up the “Pages” tab located at the bottom.
  3. Underneath the “Source” dropdown menu, select the main branch, and click “Save”.

GitHub will then start to build your site, you may have to wait a little for it to come online. When it does the URL will be in the format:
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thank you very much, you really help me today.

No problem, glad I could help! :smile:

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