How to make a UI for a C# program?

I have nearly completed the C# course and have an idea of a program I’d like to make.
It will allow users to enter items they purchase, the price they buy for and the price they sell for.
I understand the “BackEnd” kind of stuff but how would I go about making a UI?

I learned C# through Microsoft Virtual Academy. You can make simple console applications, but if you want a nice UI, you’ll need to create it with XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language). The only way I know of is to use Visual Studio not VS Code, but Visual Studio. There may be other IDE’s, but Visual Studio makes it easy to create apps that integrate C# and XAML. Check this out:
XAML is very similar to HTML, and using XAML with C# for Windows apps is similar to using HTML and JavaScript for web apps. Hope this helps!

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