How to make a self growing English to Chinese translator using Python?

What I want is to get input from a person, then check to see if the input is already in a corresponding list. If not, then ask the person to provide the English and Chinese translation. Then you append to the list, adding a new translation to a program. The problem though, is to get the translations to stick. When I use the append function, it does so, but the edits don’t remain in the code. What can I do to save the code?

See Spot run.

Translate that to Chinese. I remember that line from a Grade One primer.

Subject object verb.

Objects and verbs are usually not hard, but subjects are more evasive. That’s the kink in translation. How well do we know the subject?

I can translate Chinese just fine, but the point is to create a self learning dictionary. The user provides the word and the translation. I just want to find a way to record the translation.

Trust a user? Folly.

Only trust the data that your organization has vetted and never the user’s. That’s a period, on that one.

Better to be a bit behind the times if this means a lag in publishing. Say your interface is smart enough to spot an urban myth in the user input? Would that be reason enough to delay publication?

See Spot run.


In reverse,

See on-site operation.

Subject, object, verb? Or fragment?

subject, adjective, noun

Who’s going to vet Google, let alone your users?