How to make a chatbot?

Is it possible to make a bot that can chat, for example if you would say Hi to it it would say Hello there! as a response.

If it is possible which I think it is how can you code something like it? I’m not asking anything like a bot that performs actions like creating things but simply a bot that can chat when said specific things to.

I’ve seen this many times before but I don’t know what language was used to create. Please link a code down below

Have you looked for chatbot tutorials? I would recommend find such a tutorial and follow it

I have looked around a lot for these kind of things but all I get is young people pretending to know stuff that only give up links that will most likely destroy your computer. I can’t really find any trusted links providing me information besides very hard to code bots for the bad purpose. I’ve always wanted to have my selfmade chatbot so a forum with a lot of coders seemed like a pretty good place to get a source where I can safely learn/copy the structure of it.

Quick note: I don’t want it really complicated… just an example to show how hard/easy it would be to create a chatbot that could respond to only ONE sentence

I hope you don’t mind me jumping in, but do you have any experience with coding? If not, it’s probably best to start learning​ a language so you can know how your code works, and so you can tweak it, or explain it if you show it to your friends or etc.

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I do have experience with coding but I never really saw anything targeted at coding a chatbot. Only things that could be combined together to make a bot but I don’t know how to combine that good.

its so easy to find courses about this:


Well what you define as easy didn’t work for me in the course of years. But anyways thanks for the answer!

Just one more question: I do have experience coding but that experience is very little. Should a chatbot be something to start with now or should I save it for when I have a lot of experience? I looked into the file a bit (a file of one of the guides for how to make a chatbot) and the first problem already jumped up: I don’t even know in what language I have to make/save it.

well, in the guide i linked to the languages are mentioned?

Chatbot using Microsoft Bot Framework -> c# and nodejs (javascript)

An interactive guide to writing bots in Python -> guess what? python

Often languages are mentioned, otherwise the tools are mentioned, you can google the tool, you should be able to find the languages

I have no experience with chatbots, but a basic chatbot shouldn’t be super difficult, what languages do you know?

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I did read the Microsoft Bot Framework but I don’t know that so I didn’t know they meant is as a language to code it with, I know a bit of CSS and HTML(5) and I know how to work with CMD but that’s not important

Note: Thank you for responding to my questions normally no one does that :grinning:

Also the main reason I asked how to make a chatbot is because besides I want to know how to make a chatbot I also want to know what language I would have to start learning to make a (chat)bot

Also to be more specific in what I meant with a chatbot, I meant one that can behave as a user so like a respond bot that responds whenever someone asks for help (edit: I also know how Python works but not that good)

Cmd is nothing, its some basic commands

html and css are markup languages, not scripting languages or programming languages

it explains your lack of understanding to make a chatbot

The programming languages which are mostly used in developing the bots for Messenger, Telegram and Slack include Python, PHP, Java, NodeJS (JavaScript), C#, Objective-C, Swift, and Go

well, there is your choice of languages. (There are more languages, but are mostly commonly used)

If you don’t know, pick python, its a relativily easy language

codecademy has python course:

start by learning to program before moving on to your chatbot

disclaimer: Not sure i can be objective, i am human and i like python


Hi there!

I just wanted to bump up this topic since we released a new Skill Path called Build Chatbots with Python for anyone interested in building either a conversational bot to chat with or a dialog agent (e.g., Siri, Alexa, or Google Home) to help with a particular task :slight_smile: