How to login users?

I created a database which can create new users but how to make users login ? what is the code or the course link for that ? I wanna make users login, sign up and set up a home page for my app, does anyone here know how to proceed or give me the link for the specified course ? it is really important for me.


Authentication is a very broad, very large topic and there isn’t really any singular course or code that will cover it all (on Codecademy or elsewhere), the closest course on Codecademy is probably this one which covers the back end aspects in Express (assuming you’re using JS).

I’d recommend having a look around the internet along with the framework/tools you are using and see if you can find some good tutorials on it :slight_smile:

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thank you, I use xampp as a local server, only PDO works, if I try to connect my database through MySQLi it doesn’t work. do you have an idea why this happens ?

Fraid not no, I believe PDO is PHP in which case that’s not something I’ve got any experience in, perhaps someone else can jump in who does :smile:

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