How to log to the console using return

I want to know if there is any way to log the answer into the console without console.log, instead using return. Any other method is also okay as long as it’s shorter to type than console.log . Any help would be appreciated. Here is my code

let a = 6
let b = 5
if (Number.isInteger(a/b)) {
  return a/b;
} else {
  return 'The result is not an integer';

I know it’s not shorter but there is process.stdout.write which is basically similar to console.log without a line-break. Return will simply return the value and is not related to presenting the output in any particular way. If you just wanted shorter code, you could write your own function (in 1 line of code) to wrap console.log but I think it would just make the code more confusing to read and therefore don’t recommend it. I would look into the keyboard shortcuts or using auto-complete feature of code editor effectively to type less.

Ok, Thanks anyway for the tip