How to log the contents of 'firstline'?

I tried echo firstline, but that didn’t do it.
I want to actually use it and also see if it’s storing the data I stored in it:

# shellcheck disable=SC2086

# Created by Paul A. Gureghian in May 2020. #
# This Bash shell script copies certain files from a source directory to a build directory. #

# Start script. #

# Welcome. #
echo "Welcome. Beginning build."

firstline=$(head -n 1 source/

Hi Paul,

To echo a variable, e.g. a variable with the name $variablename, write

echo $variablename

The $ is important to tell bash that you are accessing a variable, and you are not running a Shell command.

I hope this helps, and all the best,

Yup. the ‘$’ did the trick.