How to live edit brackets


Hi ive been testing out brackets fr the first time :smile:   but... it says i need a idex.html file i  
n my project to run the webste editor....     ive tryed to save it but saves as text also.....plz help stuck


This on has worked in the past and is a html file but does not let me live edit itā€¦the following error message was givenā€¦ā€œopen a html file or make sure there is a index.html file in your project for live editingā€

plz give me detailed stepsā€¦and if u could i dont want to download another program to fix it


With a google search with search-string
bracket open a html file or make sure there is a index.html file in your project for live editing
found some interesting articlesā€¦

( sorry i am not using adobe-products )


do you have a file named index.html? Of what you shared, i only see my first.html

spaces in html files i would recommend against, use underscores instead of spaces for naming files


no i have been all over the web looking for the answer to find a index.htiml fileā€¦this is the most promising website


also this code has worked the way it is now so i have no idea


Find the file, what? You should create the file, give it index as name and store it as type html

or rename my_first.html to index.html

index.html is just a naming convention the web agreed on to the index page, we can see this nicely on FB, going to will get use the index page, this can be proven by going to, its the same page

okay, for fb the extension is .php because the back-end language is php, but i couldnā€™t find an example real quick which uses .html


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