How to learn?

Hi guys! Question! Full stack student here :slight_smile:
How do you learn all this stuff?
Before you move in to the next topic do you actually try to memorise/understand every single bit? Or you leave it for later and just keep going? I’m not sure how to do this. Sometimes I rush through the topics too much. I’m not sure what’s the perfect balance here. Any tips welcome!


Everyone is different.
How I practice is probably not how you learn.
So you have to test by yourself for yourself.
Here how you can test:

  1. Read the course.
  2. Do the tp.
  3. Brainstorm about what is your interest… What site can you imagine with your knoweldge at this instant for example.
  4. Look at the code. Modify and test. Do yours.
    Globaly, the most important to remember is :
    Test and practice, that’s enough to do your best .

Have a good trip !

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Tweak it.

You’ve done the thing. You may have copied a portion, maybe not followed the logic entirely, but you got it working. What you have makes sense to you. Now, can you make it behave differently? Could you write it another way? If you weren’t strictly follow the assignment, what changes might you make.

Learning a language is very different from using a language. If it’s you’re first foray into programming, then you also have the challenge of learning to think like a programmer as well. Programmers break big problems up into little ones. The more you do this, and not just follow someone else’s instructions of what to do, the better you’ll get.

Memorizing isn’t a big deal. You can always look up the specifics; syntax, functions, etc. Understanding is what you need. The key to understanding “every single bit” is to poke those bits with your own stick and try to make them do different things.


Coding isn’t about rote memorization nor will you always understand things the moment you see them. It requires practice and time. Don’t rush, but also don’t feel like you have to make cue cards to remember things.

Try some common learning strategies, like explaining a complex concept to a friend or family in a simple way, or as baavgai noted, tweak something you made in some small way to add some extra functionality. You’ll probably have to look stuff up for that last recommendation, and that’s perfect because that’s how most programmers figure out a lot of stuf.


Guys! I love all the replies. Thanks your help :slight_smile:

Learning to “Think like a programmer” is probably the hardest concept to adapt to IMHO,

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Learning to become a full-stack developer can be challenging, and finding the right balance between understanding each topic thoroughly and moving forward efficiently is important.