How to learn programming?

I have a huge problem.How do I remember coding?The courses I have done on programming from codecademy,I don’t seem to remember them.Therefore I end up doing the courses again and again.Could anyone suggest me tips and tricks to remember coding.Please share with me your coding experiences i.e. how do yo remember the programming languages? Thanks a lot for helping a fellow programmer,your help is appreciated.
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well, learning the first language is hard. When I learned python I had the same problem. I made a program in python(a sort of game) and I worked on it a lot. When I finally finished it I remembered everything I built in it, if you do this in the middle of a course and your project works, keep in mind that you still can learn more because i got a little …
But if you are trying to learn bigger parts of a code or something like that, firstly try to understand it.
But anyway here’s my first project if you want to take a look at it, it’s noting special:


Repetition is a good way to remember code. Try doing the same course 2 or 3 times to make sure you will remember.


To really get it, you need to run into difficulty, make mistakes, then identify and correct them.

I also make things with what I learn. For example, I learn about links using HTML. So I use, so I go there, and practice making links, and try differents things. Here is a link that I could use that I created using HTML code:


<a href="" target="about:blank"><button>Codecademy</button></a>


thanks for the replies everyone.But i wanted some study procedure to remember what I learn. :disappointed_relieved:


You can use any repetition system like Anki to create your own flashcards.
You can also take notes and read them in your spare time or while doing exercises.
but as it was mention before, creating your own programs (even short scripts) is the best way of learning to code.


I personally made a notepad file (.txt) and record every command with a description.


I tend to do this a lot but I mainly rely on the Pro quizzes to help me remember stuff. Even after finishing a lesson and feeling pretty confident about it, I still find myself going back into my notebook to look at syntax or certain properties for something in Html a week later.


yes @makneta73 im making notes of the course :nerd_face:


yes @warmslicedbread Im doing quiz too :slightly_smiling_face: .Thanks for the tips


Hi @swali1, I am a beginner as well and have had the same issues, and still struggle a bit.

For me it helped to start a project (something you would like to make) of my own where I could implement the skills I learned on Codecademy, this helps make learning fun and because you have a purpose it will go faster. For example I made a text based game, you can start off with easy levels and stuff, and can extend if you wish. So you can start this as a beginner and go as advanced as you wish. Also you can make a portfolio website (depending on the language you’re learning) and showcase all the exercises you did here, you can then try to extend their functionality, making them more user friendly or more difficult for example.

But don’t make it too hard on yourself, if you don’t know where to start it might demotivate you.

Also it helped a lot to accept that it is not possible to know everything in one go, I think programming is a skill you never fully learn, you need to keep working on it. So Google (and your old projects) will be your friend along the way.

Good luck!


Best way …. !!! Actually Programmers are Follow their own ways to learn Programming but most successful way is Just Pick your favourite Programming Language( my favourite is Java, and Download Respective Software for Practice .

Then Take any Online Course or Reference Material .Then Buy Pencil and Notebook with eraser . Then Start learning . Make sure that learn Syntax .

Then Practice on Computer . That’s it .

Make sure that You Need to Know Top Programming Languages in the year


I agree there are days when nothing enters my mind.And there are days when Im all pumped up.The days that I dont understand I still keep going because consistency is a key in programming .I agree with you


Firstly, you should clear your basic. In programming language basic is very important. C language is the basic language. You can learn C language from codecademy.


Hey lol fail,
If you want to learn programming then you have to learn languages.
To learn a programming language is quite hard But when you understand its basic its simple.
so you have to focus just on the basic concept of a programming language.
like Html if you remember just tags and how to use them
Then you do not need to remember to remember to whole code.
if you remember a code its not gonna work because every problem is different and every coder have its own way to solve it. so do not try to remember code
just learn the basics of a language.

Thank you,


I don’t agree on that, I meant that for specific things like animations in JS. So when you progress further you will understand what are and why are those things those.

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IMO: one of the key trick is to find some friendly kind person who learned and mastered things well and start getting his experience as assistant. What to aim in process: understanding and simplicity, fun and sense of humor (programmer jokes the bae), similar mindset, constant communicating - such cooperation could provide very productive results!


These are some sites 'm sharing you can use to practice. Happy coding … :crazy_face:


Hello, This thread is helping me a lot. Thanks for sharing your answers. I have just started learning programming languages.

Java training

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Hello @tag5330416019,
That’s great !Also if you have doubts you can ask on this forum and on
Happy coding!!