How to learn more advanced keywords and stuff?

Hi there, i was programming in c# where I learnt all stuff like loops if statements interfaces abstract classes constructors etc. But, sometimes when I see other c# code, they appear way too much complex to me. For eg, they would contain like advanced keywords like throw err ArgumentNullExeption, ConsoleKeyInfo, DataContractSerializer, MemoryStream etc. Idk what is this? How do I get to understanding all of these? I am just learning beginner and intermediate up to interfaces loops if etc, but when I see this kind of c# code, I freak out, because I literally don’t understand it. How do devs write so complex code? I saw that in no tutorial, it is mentioned advanced code like these advanced kewords like that. How do I get to know these? From where do devs learn all these?

They learn them from the language docs. For C#, they are a well compiled set of information created by Microsoft.

Often, a developer won’t set out learning C# and just happen to read about some of these keywords; they’ll set out to do a task, realise they don’t know how to do it, search on various places (such as these forums) how to accomplish said task, and from there discover these more advanced keywords.

Having said that, reading language docs before you need to can also be very beneficial.

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should i read the doc manually or should i go through it as i progress?

You can do either. If you’re ever stuck with something, definitely go to the docs, but if you have some free time sometime, maybe just go and read the docs, like reading a book…

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