How to learn effectively from Codeacademy?

I am new to codeacademy and I want to ask : What is the best way to gain the most from Codeacademy ? When I learn, do i need to take notes or anything else
Thank everyone


At the end of the day it’s kind of personal to you. I quite like taking notes alongside the lessons (initially on paper with some cleaner examples saved to scripts on the computer). Occasionally I’ll repeat lessons that I didn’t quite understand at a later date or even just abandon the course for a while until I get the concept down.

Just make sure you understand each lesson, it’s possible to barrel through them without taking much in for a sense of accomplishment but what you really need is to take as long as it takes just to take in each concept properly. The less I understand the more notes I take. Occasionally I’ll also write my own code snippets to test out something new as making use of something you just learned can also be a great way to take something in.

Others may learn in a different way though. You just need to find what’s best for you and don’t just gloss over things you didn’t quite understand, that’s far too easy. At the least least they should be earmarked for a recap once you complete that section. You could do it on the fly lesson by lesson but sometimes the bits you didn’t understand are covered in the next lesson or something, just make sure to revisit it as soon as possible so it’s nice and fresh.


This, 100%.

I also take notes and if I don’t understand something presented in the lessons then I google it and read up on it elsewhere until it makes sense to me.


I think it helps to set a goal and stay consistent. We forget what we don’t use! How much do we remember from high school lessons, for example?

If you are learning to code because you have a personal project, or you want to get a job, or perhaps you are starting a business, make a list of things you want to learn. Stick to it. Go through it. You would not believe how many learners get side-tracked and end up with a dozen half-finished courses. Jack of all trades, master of none doesn’t have to be a bad thing as long as that’s what you wanted. Otherwise, try to focus a bit.

Codecademy introduced a cool new feature not long ago called “CheatSheets”. They are a summary of main concepts for the lesson. I find them to be very helpful as an overview, and you might be able to use them and not take notes. However, if you find yourself forgetting definitions and needed to revisit lessons, you might want to take notes. Two ways to go about it:

  • Take notes along the lesson: lessons in Codecademy are broken down into steps. You can take notes (or even copy and paste) the prompts of every step as you complete them.
  • Complete a lesson and then take notes: the steps in a lesson are often related to each other. Completing the whole lesson before taking notes will help you have a better understanding of which parts are worth writing down.

Hi. Honestly, it really depends on how you study best. If you study from notes, take notes. For each programming language, there are cheatsheats that describe everything that’s been taught in that specific section of the course. You might find those useful to copy into your notes.

There’s also the 30 day challenge. It’s in the name. “Challenge”. Simply code for 30 days in a row or participate on the forum to keep your streak going. It’s a nice thing to keep you motivated.

You are most likely going to resort back to the forums for help on specific topics. If you’re lucky, you can get a reply within 10 minutes, so don’t feel afraid to ask. There’s also a codecademy youtube channel with useful videos. It’s worth checking out. I hope this helped :slight_smile:


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