How to know what mini courses are included in a career path?

OK guys, i have a real major problem
THERE IS SO MUCH TO LEARN! to be more clear, there are so many juicy subjects and courses that I’ve found while wandering around courses page. and also being so diversified, means being tied up in a tons of threads you made, which never ends well. so i was wondering, how to know what courses are exactly included in each career path,? so I know I’ll learn all I’m looking at in time, and stay patient for my candy
Thank you, and waiting for your lovely replies,
and happy coding!<3

It’s difficult to answer when there’s missing information. What are your interests? What is it that you want to learn and/or build?

When you click on the specific path you’re interested in, it will tell you what’s in the path.
Ex: Computer Sci: Python, Command Line, Git, Data structures, etc. Further down: databases, computer architecture, discrete math…

I’m doing computer sci actually, and i mean very specific mini courses. for example, i stumbled across bash, and git courses, and i wanted to know if they’re included. is there any way to know for example, you’ve completed something in a course?

OMG I was meant to send this long ago, though, still will appreciate replies
happy coding!