How to just share knowledge?

Is there a way that users with knowledge can just post it and have it be a resource?

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@mysterytext You can post a FAQ for a certain category if there are common issues that should be explained. I suggest you contact one or two of the moderators first, so we know what you plan to do and can pin your FAQ when you post it.

You can also post in #Codecademy-Community-Lounge:tips-and-resources if you’d like to post a resource or guide that isn’t for just one Codecademy lesson :slight_smile:

If I use #Codecademy-Community-Lounge:tips-and-resources can I just post any knowledge or is there a standard?

@mysterytext You should make sure your post is of good quality, but there’s no official standard. If you’re not sure, you could send it in a PM to a moderator so we can critique it. We try to remove posts that aren’t helpful for the category, either by deleting them or moving them to the correct category though, so if yours looks like it’d be better suited somewhere else, we may move it there :slight_smile:

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