How to just "Run" the Code without "Saving and Submitting"?


I am working through the JavaScript lessons. A few times, the instructions say to "run this code a couple of times."

How? The only option I see to run the code is "Save & Submit Code", which, if the code is "right", will transport you to the next lesson without the opportunity to execute the code multiple times.


Do not advance to the next lesson (click the 'x' at far right). Run this lesson till your heart's delight.


Thanks! No joke, I JUST figured that out. Funny how often it works out that you ask a question on a forum, then right after can answer it yourself.


If only you knew.... It's the way we're wired. Go with it.


But you know, right Roy?

You're a wizard.


We all at one time or another run into a question that we're half way through writing an answer for only to have the OP come back with, 'NM...', or 'OMG...', or 'I figured it out'. It's all good though. All part of the learning process.


Well, that and the OP probably wouldn't have written out how they solved the problem, so by posting the answer you would be giving helping all those who face the same problem in the future.

That's how I would rationalize it to myself, anyway!