How to Install NumPy with Python Distribution

Hello Everyone, Can anyone tell me how to install NumPy matrix with Python distribution? I have already download the anaconda python distribution but still, I don’t know whats the next step is? Can anyone suggest me step to step process?

Did you install anaconda or miniconda? Anaconda would already have numpy bundled with it whereas miniconda would likely still need an install. Assuming things are set-up correctly and conda is available on your path then conda install numpy would be the basic command to install it (for the current environment).

If you do get stuck then more information such your OS, the terminal you’re using and the conda install would probably be needed for anyone to try and help.


Ok, I will try this also. I have checked this post matrix multiplication python as well where I have found some step like:

PC easily installs NumPy by following these simple steps:

With Python Wheels:

  1. You require Python on your system.
  2. If you are using Windows, add Python to the PATH environment variable.
  3. Install a package manager, such as pip (done to ensure that you can use Python’s open-source libraries.
  4. Download (NumPy Wheel) and navigate through to the folder (on your PC) that stores it.